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HELSINKI- paper bag holder buyer will now get for free one brown and one white paper bag, but they can be bought separetaly as well.

Paper bags are onecoloured and fit into the HELSINKI-holder. Paper bags can be used for shopping and recycling. If you put two paperbags on top of the other, you’ll get really durable bag (almost as durable as jute bag).

Good rule of thumb for recycling paper bags: brown ones go to cardboard waste and white ones go to paper waste. (It’s recommended to check your local waste sorting instructions.)


  • Strong paper
  • 45 x 48 x 18 cm
  • 0,5 kg / 4 pieces
  • Colour: Brown or white
  • The paper bags fit the Helsinki paper bag holder
  • Shipping costs in Finland starting from 5,90 euros. In international orders, the shipping costs are 14,90 euros