HELSINKI paper bag holder black

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HELSINKI -paper bag holder black
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Light-weight, but sturdy HELSINKI– paper bag holder is ideal for  waste sorting, recycling and storage. Black is the most popular color in HELSINKI -paper bag holder, and no wonder. The chic design is empasized in black. Black isn't your colour? Don't worry, we have over 10 different color options to choose from. Here you can find all the HELSINKI -paper bag holder color options.

Made for recycling
Can’t find space for sorting out waste in your kitchen? No need to look further: HELSINKI -recycling holder is your recycling solution. The beautiful recycling furniture piece can be used at home or in office. Thanks to its lovely design the stand doesn’t need to hidden in the close, it stands proudly on display in the kitchen, living room or in the balcony for example. Recycling touches all of us, it isn’t just for hippies or egogeeks. And if it can be done easily, it will come part of your everyday routine without extra effort.

Great for storage
If you’re all set in the recycling department, the holder is great for storage, too. Keep the holder in your living room and you pick up toys, books, magazines and other knick-knacks that are laying around to it and bazinga: immediately neater overall look and better order in your home. Kids can also easily clean after themselves, as no heavy lids or closet doors are involved. ”Pick up after your kids, enjoy the tidiness for one day. Teach your kids to pick up after themselves, enjoy the tidiness forever.” (Famous proverb by Everyday Design)

Small and light in size
Its narrow form makes it an ideal even for the smallest spaces. As it is very light, it’s easy to move around even with only one hand. Vacuuming or cleaning the floors won’t get more difficult because of the holder.


  • 32 x 25 x 55 cm
  • Weight 1,2 kg
  • Made of 100 % metal, which of 30 % is recycled
  • Can be recycled further
  • Design by Helena Mattila
  • Shipping costs in Finland starting from 5,90 euros. In international delivery, shipping cost 14,90 euros

Tip! Get a convenient and practical sorting center with two stands and three bags. The third bag hangs effortlessly between the two stands.

The product is designed and made in Finland. 
All our products have design patents.

Pictured symbols of recycling, Finnish Key Flag certificate and Design from Finland logo