Our new website has opened!

Date: 03/02/2020

Finally, our new website has opened. We didn't just want to freshen up the look of the website and ecommerce - we ghanged practically everything (except our products).

We brought new products to our store as we widened our HELSINKI -holder line: a new color, chocolate, has arrived and also a black, leather carrier bag (accessory) for the holder. And we brought back an old product: bottom plate to be attached to HELSINKI -holder to create a convenient magazine or firewood rack.

We wanted to give extra goodies to our customers, so from now on, if you buy HELSINKI-holder, you will get complimentary two paper bags (brown and white) and tiny plastic tubes that can be put in the holder bottom. The tubes help the holder sit more sturdyly when against uneven floor, such as stone floor and it won't clatter against hard surface.

We also updated our payment methods. We are still working on providing more payment options to our international customers.

We changed our shipping pricing policies as well. Now we offer fixed shipping cost (14,90 euros) to Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark. We are currently looking for logistics partners so that we can offer affordable shipping to other countries as well.