Our values

No matter how practical and useful a product might be, if it is ugly, nobody wants to use it. It is not good design then.

If a product is only beautiful, but doesn't actually work in use, it is basically useless and gets left unused. Our products always have a clear sense of purpose and most of the time, they are also multifunctional.

Most of our products, such as HELSINKI-holder and TURKU XL -holder, are made to make sorting and recycling easier in everyday life. We pay special attention to the materials and recyclability of our products. For example, the metal used in our holders, is 30 per cent recycled and can be further recycled and the Vaasa-bags are 100 per cent recycled leather.

Made in Finland
We design and manufacture all our products in Finland (except the jute bags) . We take pride in keeping the production domestic as it is beneficial for both Finnish economy and also for the environment. We appreciate our collaboration with our factory partners dating back to over decades.