Helena Mattila

Picture of Helena MattilaHelena Mattila is the founder, CEO and designer of Everyday Design. She is a lawyer and MBA by education. Completely self-taught designer. She is uber practical and when designing products, she pays attention, in a very concrete level, to the smallest details. Those details make the product work in use in everyday life. However, she is far from a tech-savvy person - she actually still has a non-smartphone. 

Her freetime she likes to spend with her family and grandchildren. She also always tries to find time for her friends and unique art that connects to sustanaibility and sense of community.

Helena loves designing new products. She gladly leaves others to take care of the day-to-day business and concentrates herself on creating new products and developing them. Inspiration usually drives from her everyday life. All products won't of course make it to production as there isn't enough space in the world for them.

When Helena's impulsiviness and creativity are overflowing, the other team member, Saara, acts as the much needed voice-of-reason. Neither of them are too patient, but that is often the downside with fastness and efficiency.

Saara Sorri

Picture of Saara SorriHelena's younger daughter, Saara, came to work in Everyda Design first time in the 90's, when she was in elementary school. As her first summer job, she bagged screws for product packages. After that experience, she helped out in sales events. Then her studies, work and other life took over, and Everyday Design wasn't in the picture. She graduated in 2010 as BBA and went on to work in HR and recruitment, but in the summer 2019 she came back to her roots and started working again in the family business.

Her responsibilities include marketing and other operating activities in Everyday Design. Social media is also in her control, so all the bad jokes and the blurry pictures are her doing. In a small company, everybody gets to do everything. Freetime and work can get mixed up easily for Saara, as she gets excited easily about everything, but her priority in life is her daughter Hanna. Hanna makes sure that free time is spent with family and work is left in the background.