SNOW BALL/ in a plastic bag

Quantity: pcs



- As souvenirs from Finland
- As "samples" of snow
- As gifts for friends
- As openers for discussion
- For collecting positive energy
- For stress release


  • Diameter ~ 6 cm, 200 g
  • Material: Seeds, rubber
  • Design Helena Mattila and Anne Kosonen

We hope that the snowballs bring in mind positive childhood memories when there was time for play and use of imagination. Positive images from the past bring along positive conceptions for the future.

All our snowballs are handmade, which makes them differ in size and hardness - like real snowballs. They crunch in your hands adapting in shape when pressed. They also strengthen hand muscles.

Crunching snowballs in plastic bags are with English product tags.

The product is designed and handmade in Finland. 

Picture of Finnish Key Flag and Design from Finland -symbols